I’m Michelle

Louisville, KY Photographer

Wife to a talented electrician, dog mom to a wild beagle, aunt to seven under seven, old soul. When I’m not busy with photography, I love to hike and browse antiques. I’m very sentimental and I love all the details, from intricately carved wood furniture to eccentric patterns,

I’m that goofball who laughs at her own jokes, and who desperately wants to have rhythm, but has terrible dance moves. Don’t be surprised though if I sing and attempt to dance to get a smile out of your kids; whatever it takes to get the shot!

A New Chapter

The plot thickens

My love of photography started as a teenager, when my friends and I would grab a disposable camera and head out to take silly pictures. I loved how I could freeze a moment in time to be remembered year after year.

After earning my B.A. in art, I went down many career paths. I worked for two museums and a railroad, and had an accounting gig for many years. But with a creative mind and a love for people, I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my career sitting behind a desk. My love for photography has never waned, so in 2019 I left the corporate world behind to follow my dream.

My true passion lies in capturing those fleeting moments of newborn newness and sweet family memories, while providing you with frame-worthy portraits that reflect the love you have for your dearest ones.


  • Ruby the beagle’s at-the-door greetings and cuddles
  • A good, strong Americano (I’d be glad to debate with you about the best coffee in Louisville!)
  • Beating my husband at Pickleball
  • Hiking in new places, especially national parks
  • Laughing until I cry, preferably while playing Telephone Pictionary
  • Nate Bargatze

“Photography has a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever; it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”


READY TO document


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